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It is very straight forward to book your adult vacation.  Once you decide when you would like a vacation please call or email with your preferred vacation date.  I will personally verify that we have a room available, block off that room for you, and ask you to book flights to our main airport or one of the alternate airports.

When I have your flight information I will send you a tentative vacation folio.  The tentative vacation folio indicates that a room has been booked for you, it specifies the deposit amount, and it from a business point of view supports a request for payment of the booking deposit.  In essence the deposit payee for the reservation including nonrefundable commitments we make on a guests behalf.
The reservation is complete before we ask for any payment.


Our main airport is:
  • Santo Domingo AILA -  Aeroporte Internacional de las Americas (Code: SDQ).
Alternate airports are:
  • La Romana (LRM) and,
  • Punta Cana (PUJ).

Airline booking systems recognize these unique airport codes which is why I routinely quote them.

Deposit Time

We use several different ways of paying the deposit or any payment amount.

The suggested method depends on your physical location and proximity to bank services.

  • Guests in the United States may make a simple and convenient deposit or transfer to the account of Las Americase Propeties (US) Inc (a vacation property managment company).
  • Canadian have the simple option of sending the Canadian dollar equivalent by e-mail using an e-INTERAC transfer.
  • Europeans and citizens of other countries should send a bank to bank Wire Transfer.

  • We accept cashiers or teller checks and money orders by mail if there is sufficient time.
  • We accept bank to bank wire transfers.
  • The deposit amount depends on vacation length and number of guests but is usually $700 per guest-week.

Hint - The reason for the deposit is to create added incentive for a guest to travel.  Once paid the deposit is not refundable.  However, if you cannot travel and you tell us in advance, we will gladly keep the deposit until you can travel.  We have had few outright “No-Shows” or Guest MIA.  With one exception the deposit was forfeit.

We no longer accept money transfer agents such as MoneyGram or Western Union.  They treat any Internet request for funds as fraudulent.  These services have their use but this is not it.  We understand the logic in our case we disagree.

Deposit Policy

Our deposit policy only requires a deposit for the first trip.  Why is that?
The deposit is to ensure that the guest travels to the resort the first time.
If a guest books a second trip the guest knows that we are real.
Also we know these guests will let us know if they have to cancel or reschedule for what ever reason.

During the flight the cabin crew will give you two forms.  A Migraçion form and a customs form.  The destination is the Hotel Astoria Boca Chica or just Santo Domingo. (Both Statements are in fact true).  When you arrive you should purchase a business card sized Tourist Card for $10US Cash.

Hint – Have $10US ready they may not have change.

A Migraçion agent will stamp your Passport and take the form and Tourist Card.
When you get your luggage hand the form to the Customs agent upon exit from the luggage hall.

Hint – Customs expects that a tourist will have “Nothing to Declare”.

When you exit from the secure area look to the left for your driver and a sign that says “Guest Name Hotel Name”

Hint  – The Policia Nacional are our friends.  Each PN Sergeant Major and PN Officers have mobile phones.  If you miss us, ask him to call us on the phone for you. Our telephone number(s) are on the Landing procedure PDF you were sent by email.

About Us

Periastron Vacations is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Canadian corporation.  We have over twenty years in the adult hospitality business.

Telephone   786-207-9407  EMail for Toll Free

Be sure to ask for Carlos

Email Address

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