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Welcome to our new web site.  Both Juan and I take pride in the service we provide to our guests.  If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable please let us know.  We will always do our best for you.


While others do not necessarily agree with our approach, we want you to have a safe secure and enjoyable vacation starting with the selection of a thoroughly enjoyable companion.  We know that your companion is what the vacation is all about.

Our Hotel is situated in a small village.  The resort provides excellent accommodations but in our view the village and the beach are an essential part of the vacation experience.   We have many friends and friendly vendors in the village who appreciate the fact that we make sure our guests know about them.  They would love to be of service to us.

The resort staff and our friends, the Tourist Police (PoliTur), are here to make sure your vacation is safe and secure.  In addition your companion will ensure that you both are safe.

We have redesigned the menu to be more flexible and emphasize the night meal as an event in itself.    We have made our chef responsible for keeping our guests happy. Gone are the days of promising everything and delivering less than we consider acceptable. I am certain that anyone with business experience understands that this is a good business model.  Our web site and our service delivery subscribes to the proven sales doctrine “Under promise; Over Deliver”.  The fact is that for our guests that is what we did.  It is already better.

It is interesting to point out that the most important part of the vacation is our best asset.   Our girls are superb.  The good news is that only your opinion as guest counts.

The girls get infatuated easily.  It will not be long before you a girl who treats you very well indeed.

Our Picture promise:  Any photograph used on this web site is a photo of a real escort, building or scene.  I am not implying that the escort is actually available but the photo is real and not a picture of an otherwise never available model. We frequently have more girls than we advertise.  It is simple for me to delete pictures it is more difficult to find a sunny day when I am not busy with guests to take photos and edit them.  We do not have North American, European or Russian escorts available at any price.  That said I have the email address and photos of a Russian girl in the US who wants to work for us.  In addition I have had many offers of girls who were illegally trafficked.  Beautiful Dominican girls are working around the world.


In a consumer oriented 30 minute show, the CBC program Marketplace invented a totally fictitious lunch wagon business.  They created a web site and contracted with companies to write reviews of the business.  The whole business was non existent.  We did have reviews in our forum, however since I did not approach clients for a review, most guests returned from the vacation happy and only thought of the next vacation.

The result is that we do not quote reviews so there is no fabrication.

Everything we do is real.  All of our policies are designed to protect the adult traveler.  Our policy is that repeat guests get especially priced vacations and may travel without paying a deposit  . Although many repeat guests choose to pay in full in advance to alleviate themselves of the responsibility for the safe guarding the funds 

About Us

Periastron Vacations is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Canadian corporation.  We have over twenty years in the adult hospitality business.

Telephone  786-207-9407  Email for Toll Free.

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