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What is Included

The objective of the staff is to make the guest feel at home.  We want you to feel like the hotel is your home away from home. Your new home like any is in a friendly neighborhood in friendly village.   The hotel prides itself on a friendly relationship with our neighbors.  Guests are free to explore the village.  In addition the Old City or Capital (Santo Domingo) is a 40 minute ride away.  It has many tourist destinations some of which are over 500 years old.

There are interesting shops in the village.  A lot of shop owners are my friends.  When I am at the hotel I do a 25 cent tour of the town to acquaint our guests with what is available and where to get money changed etc.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is such that we do not share or divulge guest data with anyone.  We encourage the use of anonymous email accounts.  In addition we do not communicate with guests except in the context of a vacation.  We no longer send out a newsletter in order to comply with CASL.  Canadian Anti Spam Legislation.  The large majority of my Newsletter recipients are not resident in Canada and have no standing to makes a complaint.  However, it is possible that one guest resident in Canada may forget they signed up for the newsletter and subject me to a $100,000.00 fine.  Even in Canadian dollars that is a lot of money.

Instead I will be making a Newsletter available online.

We do however need the name that a guest uses for travel purposes.  In the unlikely event that we do not meet a guest at the airport we use whatever resources that are available to determine if the guest has actually arrived.  For example luggage issues have delayed some guests.  We were able to determine that the guest traveled and was in the airport some place.

A guest does not actually sign into the hotel and there is no record external record of the visit.  In addition, we only accept cash.  This is due the realities of the banking business in general but cash does not leave any audit trail. The Dominican Republic is still a cash society.

Some guests are nervous with large sums of money.  We do suggest buying a money belt.  The money belt is worn under traveler’s clothes and makes the contents not available to any would be pick pocket.

Hint:  I have a small amount of money that I expect to use during my travel in my front pants pocket.  This means that I do not need to retrieve my wallet during the trip, at least not in the airport.  In this way, I do not advertise its location.

The Package

Our travel package includes

  • All guest and luggage transfers
  • Selection of escort(s) from our pool of escorts
  • A spacious room with king sized bed and modern en-suite with shower
  • All meals and local drinks in the hotel for you and your escort(s)
  • Updated menu with open selection.

The hotel is close to:

  • The famous “Boathouse” Beach bar and beach
  • Pharmacies and Super markets
  • Casino
  • Banco Popular
  • Cambio -  Money exchange storefronts

We offer the following recommendations:

  • Bring US dollars or Euros currency
  • Bring Travelers checks as an alternative for cash or for extra spending
  • Use Debit Card or Credit card for an emergency cash advance
  • Tell your bank and/or credit card company that you are traveling to Santo Domingo Dominican Republic so they will approve any charges
  • If you have a question about money / travelers checks please ask me.
  • Do not over pack (put out EVERYTHING you think you need, Put 90% of it back and you will still have three times as much stuff as you need.)
  • If you are checking luggage please bring sun block to protect your skin from the UV-A & UV-B

Some caveats

  • When you book your vacation you make us responsible for meeting you the airport.  We appreciate the trust and do not take the trust lightly.
  • Our guests without exception are very nice guys who are just looking for relaxing romantic vacation.  If they decide to change escorts the guest is very concerned about the escort’s feelings.  The fact is that the escort probably already knows she is going back to the talent pool.
  • If I want to confirm that a guest is having a good time, I ask the escort.  If she is having a good time so is the guest.

The Escort

Our escorts are ordinary girls trying to make a living to support their families.  Girls who are good tend to work more often and take some additional time off to be with their families.  So the relationship of the photos depicted here to the girls available is tenuous.  In my view the girls available are better than the photos.  The only complaint I have received is that the girls all look so nice it is difficult to choose.  A second second escort is truly optional. However only approximately 30% of guests actually request the second escort.

Is it Legal?

Prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic. At the same time we organize ourselves so that the resort and guests have little visibility.   I personally have many friends in the Policia Nacional and PoliTur (Tourist Police).  They are fully aware of what we are doing.  Unlike other destinations the police are here to help tourists.  In fact we suggest that if you feel abandoned at the airport we suggest you go to a police Sergeant Major show him our contact names and numbers and he will call us on your behalf.

Changing Escorts

We offer the ability to change escort every twenty-four hours.  The reason it is twenty-four hours is primarily economic but we want the guest and the escort to have a chance to get to know each other.  Remember the escort is just an ordinary girl trying to make money to support here family.  What she is doing is real for her and it will take a little time for the two to warm up to each other.  However if it isn’t working, please do not hesitate to change and please do not feel badly about it.  We have had guests travel with the idea of changing escorts everyday.  Let’s say few have actually completed the original plan.  There is no additional charge at any time to change escorts every 24 hours.

Escort Selection

I try to advise guests in their selection with whatever feedback I get from previous guests.  Some follow my advice and others do not. It really does not matter to me I am just trying help the guest achieve a happy vacation.

Medicines and Supplies

On occasion we have found it necessary to call a doctor, one of our friends, to the hotel to aid a guest who was in some distress.  In addition we have many pharmacies that will dispense medication with the exception of narcotics over the counter.  For example La Pela (generic Cialis) is available at $50RD per tablet ($1.38US).  Toiletries are available but the price may be greater than in your home country.  Actually I use products sold here.  Deodorant sold here seem to work better.

About Us

Periastron Vacations is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Canadian corporation.  We have over twenty years in the adult hospitality business.

Telephone   786-207-9407  EMail for Toll Free

Be sure to ask for Carlos

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