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The Booking Deposit

In the past the deposit accomplished three objectives.

  • The first objective was that it provided revenue onshore to pay for expenses to maintain the booking office and pay for the maintenance of our web site.
  • The second objective and more important is that it was added incentive for guests to actually travel as they had planned and booked with us.  This is very important since we are a small resort for reason of obscurity.  We cannot have many potential guests deny others of a chance to vacation with us and then not use the reservation.  Generally the funds paid at the hotel are used to pay expenses incurred at the hotel.
  • The third objective is that the deposit partially covered the first day at the hotel.

It is our current policy to charge a deposit amount equal to or less than $700 per person per week.  The guest still has the option to decide that we failed to meet their expectations and leave after one day. In this case the guest(s) will be charged the difference between the deposit and the minimum first day per person charge.

The minimum amount charged for the first one person-day at the resort is $700US.  (Subject to Change)

Payment Options

In response to numerous guest requests we offer payment options.  The vacation folio describes three acceptable payment amounts.
They are:

  1. Full payment of the vacation in advance
  2. A partial payment  and
  3. A deposit when applicable.

Our suggestion for making a payment depends on a guest's location and the amount of time available for us to receive the money.  It seems that Europeans prefer to use a bank to bank transfer and often choose to send either Full or Partial payment.  Guests from the United States have the option of a no cost direct deposit or they may ask their bank to send what is known as a teller check.  This is in essence a cashiers check drawn on one of the banks accounts. Both these options are  very anonymous.

We have no preference for sending the deposit. We accept bank to bank transfers as well as cashiers checks and money orders.  Deposits are now sent to our office in Canada.  We do not take personal checks as they are not anonymous methods or payment.  In any case a Teller/Cashiers check is a much better option.  However our current best payment options are as follows:

  • United States   - A US guest can deposit funds directly into the business account of our payment processor or receive an email from our payment processing company with payment instructions.
  • Canada           - The best option for Canadian guests is an e-Interac money transfer. The transfer is a $CA equivalent of the payment is $US
  • Europe            - Europeans have experience with wire transfers, this bank to bank option is their best choice.

Here in the Caribbean, an International Money Order (or even a certified check) would be treated with skepticism.  Traveler’s checks are also viewed very skeptically and each check is verified with AmEx or VISA as appropriate.  In Canada any financial instrument is held for 30 business days.  We have a good banking relationship so the funds are not actually held but if payment is denied we lose the deposit and pay a penalty.  The policy does not reflect upon you or me.  It is the fraud artists that make it difficult for all of us.

Payments Policy

Our payment policies are designed to minimize the actually amount paid for the vacation.  I am especially interested in reducing the amount of money you pay others.

When booking we provide you with a tentative reservation so that you can make the best possible deal with the airlines.  Occasionally changing your travel dates by one or two days allows you to save significant amounts of money.  American Airline makes this very easy.  After you get your flight you confirm your travel dates and finalize the vacation.

We require a deposit for the first visit only.  However, this tends to slightly increase the amount of money you need to carry and pay at the resort.  With the repeat guest discount the difference is relatively small.  It is interesting that guests who have traveled before usually opt to send either the full or partial payment.

Some guests (and that includes my brother) prefer to pay for the entire vacation in advance. The fact is that I have accepted a wire transfer of funds from a guest directly into my account in the Scotiabank in Santo Domingo.  It worked but it took me a week to verify that the funds actually made it.  We also have the issue of working in English at a bank whose working language is Spanish.

We now use our parent (Canadian) company to receive all payment made prior to a guests travel..  A wire transfer may take a few days.  I do have experience using the wire transfer system, please let me know if this is your preference.  

If you are carrying money please invest in a money belt.  A money belt is a pouch and strap that is worn under other garments and provides no access to a thief or pick pocket.  A money-belt is available a luggage shops or perhaps AAA/CAA.  Please keep in mind the restricted amount you can legally carry across an international border.  For the US and Canada the legal amount is $10,000 US/CA.

You can use Travelers Checks but they can only be cashed by you at a bank with a passport as ID.  This process is likely to take more than 20-30 minutes. (Trust me!!!).  If you use traveler's checks get the largest possible denomination. If possible call your bank in advance and request $500 or $1000 checks.  I suggest that $100 checks should be the minimum.  $2000US in $20 checks means that you will be at the bank for a long time.

As a comment and off the cuff, I have been in RD for a long time and I cannot recall seeing a personal check.  I agree that having a cash business is suspect. I am willing but I am not sure when the rest of country will get on board with the idea.  Our Canadian company has been in business for 18 years and is audited on an annual basis like every other corporation.

Minimum Payment

We have set the deposit (if required) to $700 per traveler-week or less..  However the minimum payment for one night at the resort is $700 per Guest/room.   The deposit is only required for the first vacation.  No deposit is required for repeat guests.  However repeat guests usually like to pay at least a partial payment to reduce the amount of money they need to carry.

Payment Processing

Periastron Vacations has just entered an agreement with a Las Americas Properties (US) Inc, an International Property Management company, to accept payments on its behalf.  When a booking deposit or any amount is payable, guests may elect to be invoiced by the payment company.  The guest will receive an email which will specify the simple procedure to transfer funds to its account.

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Periastron Vacations is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Canadian corporation.  We have over twenty years in the adult hospitality business.

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